Working towards the ecostar award

The purpose of this guide is to help businesses to introduce systems that will enable them to reduce the amount of waste they create and enhance both their environmental and economic sustainability.

By working through this process businesses will be in a position to apply for the ecostar award in recognition of their commitment to reducing waste and their environmental footprint.

The more time, effort and resources you and your organisation devote to implementation and maintenance of a waste minimisation system, the more you and your organisation will get out of it.

Recycling bin options

There are a range of recycling bins to suit every budget and style.  Here are a few:

Sulo has a range of office recycling set up that are smart and clearly labelled.

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Urba Stacker
For areas where space is an issue, there are stacked bin solutions to enable separation and collection of different types of material.

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Method Recycling
For those wanting something that makes more of a statement, there are more high-end recycling receptacles.

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Recycling and Waste Management providers

Recycling services are offered by the following companies:


Northland Waste
09 408 2594 or 0800 499 246
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East West Waste
09 401 7274
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Waste Works
0800 499 246
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we’re here to help

We want you to succeed and receive the ecostar award, and we’re here to help you through the process.

For more information contact us.